The St Lambert City Council adopted last June 11 a bylaw that allows the construction of a 12 story tower in the heart of the  Limousin park woodland.

Many Citizens disagreed with the loss of the woodland expressed their concerns during the public consultation on July 10th. Despite the public consultation outcome, the City Council accepted three bylaws on August 27  in favor of a land exchange with COGIR (Les Jardins Intérieurs).

The bylaw permitting certain aspects of the construction (2018-43-15) was challenged following the receipt of 338 signatures from residents of Preville on October 9th 2018. The City Council subsequently withdraw the above bylaw.

However, the bylaws to change the zoning  (2018-42-1 and 2018-43-14)  have not been withdrawn, despite the repeated demands to the city council to keep the entire park the way it was before.

A public notice posted on October 17th, 2018 announced the coming into effect of the bylaw (2018-42-1) which authorizes the land swap,  rezoning  a portion of the park as residential, which allows the construction of the residential tower.


  • Parc du Limousin is the last natural woodland in St Lambert (dating before the Victoria street urbanization);
  • Parc du Limousin contains rare tree species: (oval hickory and hackberry) with more than 30% of red oak;
  • The city has hastily disposed of a public park by changing its zoning to make it accessible to a developer, without taking into account the public dissatisfaction and the many objections raised by the the population since the start of public consultation on July 10th;
  • This precedent threatens the preservation of all the public parks in St Lambert;
  • The development of an urban plan is a serious exercise, the population has the right to expect that elected city councillors will consult them on all zoning changes affecting parks and green spaces, prior to a vote.


  • Reverse the bylaw for the zoning change (2018-42-1) so that the entire park returns to its original status;
  • Protect the Limousin woodland by giving it a special conservation status (écoterritoire designé);
  • Commit that no other park or green space in St Lambert  be made available to private interests;
  • Make the upcoming public consultation ‘’ Vision 2035’’ for the future urban plan, a real and meaningful citizen consultation on the challenges of the densification and conservation of its green spaces;
  • Commit themselves that all municipal parks as well as “La Coulée Verte” and both golf courts  be listed as ‘’écosystèmes d’intérêt confirmé’’.

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NB Note only adults of voting age having an address in St Lambert can sign this petition.