The park should not and will not be sold.

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    Stephane Matte

    This park should not and will not be sold. Why ? Because too many décisions at every govorning level is always about money. Fact is one million $ is nothing at all compared to this lands true value over time for both the quality of life of the cities citizens and its monetary value. I am a resident since 1993 and over the last 15 years or so I have seen the quality of living in Saint-Lambert slowly degrade. Seeing the city sell off its’ Parks and Community Buildings at less than face value EVERYONE ELSES who lives here I see the city is steeling from us in taking poor and bad décisions in liquidating our … the few assets that we have left after the fusion. It is not true that they want to build this building for résidents of Saint-Lambert when they grow older. Without nowing I’ll bet the the majority of the people who live in the two existing towers have not been selected because they are from Saint-Lambert and even if they were the point is that this company who wants to build the new building sees this as a great deal … on our backs. One thing that intreegs me is that more than half of the tax dollars collected by the city of Saint-Lambert is given to Longueuil ???? Why would I want to sell or even worse give them my prime location for penuts and decrease greatly the quality of life of my citizens like was done in the project de la gare with these Awfull Condos-Appartments. It breaks my heart to see these infrastructures, which are partly MINE, and every other Saint-Lambert resident being disreguarded like this. …. we do this till we have nothing left ?
    I pray that M. the Mayor will understand that waisting my money on a referendum is something I do not think anyone in Saint-Lambert wants and I would invite him to pay the cost of it out of his own Pockets if he truely believes it is such a good thing …. but I can tell you right now that I will do everything I can to keep the park “as it is” … because it is the right thing to do.

    Annik Lafortune

    Mr Matte, I really think you are right when you say that M. Brodeur and the counsellors are very wrong thinking when they say that 1 million dollars is a great deal. Parks are not to sell, they exist for the right purpuse of offering publis plce to gather and relax . I invite you to right to the mayors and the 8 counsellors of the citihall. We are looking for supporters for further actions , would you participate ? Just leave a personnal note to the group by writing at the adress beside:
    Thank you,

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