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    Kevin Erskine-Henry

    While not a Saint Lambert resident. I do support the Comité de sauvegarde du boisé du Limousin and thank the Journal for leading the way to save parc du Limousin. I used to live very close to the Parc and walked my Boxer (Jj) through that park daily. It was a late evening walk though the park, that I always will remember.
    I arrived back home after 10 pm, naturally Jj still wanted to go for his night walk so we headed to park. It was dark and since I was tried, and no one was around I decided to let him lose for a quick run and then back home. However, I quickly lost him in the night after a few calls ..I heard in the dark “he is over here with me “ I soon found Jj sitting next to a young man on the bench as he petted him. Sorry if he is brothering you f…Its Ok was his reply, I looks like I finally found a friend. We soon stuck up on conversion where it become clear that he was feeling depressed over series of personal problem. We talk for a long while all with Jj just sitting beside him . As it was getting late we both decided to head home. He thanked me and Jj for taking the time to be with him. It was is parting words that struck me the most “I came into this park, not knowing what I was going to do. but leave it much happier”
    I did see him for a few months again when walking my dog through the park…Jj pulled toward him right way as he was happy to see his friend. Things were now much improved and his Life problems was getting better. Heading home ..I thought all of this all of this happed because …. Because a chance meeting in a quiet park ..Its as if we found a Oasis in the busy storm . That is what parks in a City were really meant to be for.
    So, while Ville St-Lambert may think of selling this green space as a way to earn new revenues and developers as a place to pave over for a new shiny project . For me parc du Limousin is a place were strangers out walking their dog can have a chance meeting and refresh each other. Now isn’t that a Million Dollars plus worth of added Community value.


    Thank you for your moving testimonial, Kevin. This place is more than a park, yes. Personally, I have never thought of getting involved so effectively in the safeguarding of a park.
    I saw people chatting about it on social networks and I decided to go for a walk in this woodland.
    I walked, I looked at the trees and the squirrels running around, I sat next to a tree for a while, and I simply realized that I have to do everything I can for saving this quiet place which is so close to our too noisy life.
    Yes, we need to save it and do not let it be parcelled out for pecuniary reasons!
    Thank you for being with us and supporting us, Kevin!

    Cornelia Mateias, Comité de Sauvegarde du boisé du Limousin

    Annik Lafortune

    Thank you both for your nice spirit. I think that parks and public space are places to meet and interact with others or just salute to neighbors or unknowed. We have to keep this wood for of genuine species and older than 60 years and more years old trees.
    The last of his kind, we have the responsability to save it for the next generation. You’ll see with time this place will be precious and visitors will appreciate that in 2018 we saved the woodland.
    Annik Lafortune

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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